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The Kenwood TS850Sat is an all mode 100 watt class amateur radio transceiver. Equiped with a digital and metering display the TS 850 is very comparable to the TS 950 without alot of the "bells and whistles". Several options that are very useful are the record and playback feature as well as the voice synthesizer. The built in antenna tuner make it easy to tune a wide range of different matching situations that come up in everyday ham radio. Pictured above the radio is a Timewave DSP 9+. Believe it or not this piece of equipment works well in eliminating random noise and static on the ham bands. This entire package is an excellent choice for a ham operator on the used market. I recommend all this equipment highly.


The Dentron Clipperton"L" linear amplifier was designed and built in the 1980's. Equiped four 572B tubes it is capable of outputs of greater that 1000 watts with the proper drive(usually over 100 watts). This particular unit in the photo was built in the mid 80's and has had a few modifications. The meter is not the original but the one pictured here does the job quite well. Although these units are no longer built, parts are still available through Bill Edwards who happened to be an engineer for Dentron,Amp Supply, and Ameritron. These are all names we recognize. Most of the Dentron amplifiers were designed with tube type rigs in mind. Many of the earlier models had no tuned inputs so a small antenna tuner had to be used between the rig and the amp to lower the SWR inorder for a modern transistor rig to be used. Other than this small drawback they are excellent amps and would be a great addition to any ham shack.


The National NC-300 Communication Receiver was built in the 1950's and was one of the best recievers available at the time. Modertely priced, it was very common site to see one of these rigs sitting next to an AM transmitter in the "good old days". The one you see here was headed for the junk heap when one of my friends recognized its potential and rescued it from certain destruction. These recievers were triple conversion which meant that they were still quite sensitive on the higher frequencies. They came with option of 440mcs ,220mcs and 144mcs operation with use of converter. These worked suprisingly well. There just wasn't that much activity that high up in those days so the idea didn't catch on very well. Once again this would be a great addition to anyone's "boatanchor radio" collection.


The Johnson Viking Valiant is an AM/CW plate modulate 150 watt output class transmitter. Capable of running on SSB with the use of a SSB adapter which plugged in the back. Occasionally these adaptors come up at ham fests but have to know what you re looking at or you'll pass right by it. There were two types of this rig produced by the the E. F. Johnson Co. One was factory wire and assembled, the other was sold in kit form. The kit form can easily be identified by looking to see if the tube sockets were either rivited in place or secured with nuts and bolts. The rivited tube socket rig is the one that is the most reliable. This was the factory wired model. You don't have to worry about poor soldering connections which seems to be the main problem with the kit form of the rig. The rig pictured was produced in about 1955 and has been in my family since 1968. With exception of a few capacitors going "south" and two wire wound resistors breaking down, this radio has been in constant service for over forty years. A REAL "oldie but goodie".

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