"Global Satellite and Water Vapor Loops"

Worldwide Satellite Images

Earth Viewer: View Any Location from Any Satellite 


GOES 8 (The Americas, Atlantic Ocean)   Visible    Infrared    Vapor 


GOES 10 (Eastern Pacific Ocean)              Visible    Infrared    Vapor


GMS 5 (Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean)      Visible    Infrared    Vapor


METEOSAT 5 (Central Asia)                     Visible     Infrared    Vapor


METEOSAT 7 (Europe And Africa)            Visible    Infrared    Vapor


Northern Hemisphere Satellite View

Northern Hemisphere (U.S. Centered) Colorized IR Satellite 


Images And Forecasts Coverings The Tropics 

Spaceflight Meteorology Group Tropical Weather Page 


Satellite Images Of Individual Tropical Systems 

NRL Monterey Tropical Cyclone Homepage     NOAA Hurricane Sectors 


Satellite Images Of Tropical Regions 

METEOSAT Tropical Atlantic Ocean 

GOES 8 Caribbean Sea And Greater Antilles 

GOES 8 Tropical Pacific Ocean, Mexico, Central America 

GOES 10 Mexico, Tropical Pacific Ocean 

GOES 10 Central, Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean 

GMS Oceania And Tropical Western Pacific Ocean 


Sea Surface Temperatures Of Tropical Regions 

Western Atlantic Ocean (Gulf Stream) SST (NOAA 14 Satellite) 

Gulf Of Mexico SST, NOAA 14 Satellite 

Global Sea Surface Temperatures 

Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly 

Global Sea Surface Temperature Climatology



Visible Satellite Close Up

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