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Heathkit IO-12 Laboratory Oscilliscope

Heathkit O-scope very clean with manual. Would like to sell locally but if that is not possible I will pack it very carefully and ship it to your door. $50 plus shipping.

DTK COMPUTER 12V Power Supply

DKT Computer Power Supply Model PIP 151 with fan and on/off switch. Could be used to power up a 2 meter rig. $25 plus shipping.

Acme Electronics 12v Power Supply

Acme Electronics 5-12 volt @ 6a output. 120/240v input. Can be used to power a 2 meter rig. $25 plus shipping.

Swan DC3 Mobile Power Supply

Swan Mobile Power Supply DC3. I have no documentation but the unit does work. I put 12 volts to it and it passed the smoke test. It didn't smoke!!!!!!! $40 dollars plus shipping

Mars Low Pass Filter & 80 meter Low Pass Filter (homebrew)

Mars 1.8-30Mhz Low Pass filter good condx. $20 plus shipping. Top is a homebrew 80 meter low pass filter. Really an excellent filter works very well. $15 plus shipping. Not pictured is a 80-10 meter low pass filter. Painted black. Similar configuration to the upper model. Make offer on each or make offer on all.

Hallicrafters S 120 Receiver

Old Hallicrafters single conversion reciever with broadcast band and three shortwave band coverered thru 30mhz. $40 obo plus shipping.

Two Heat Sinks

Two heavy duty Heat Sinks. The measures 4" X 8"(left) and the other measures 4" x 3"(right). Make offer on both plus shipping.

120vac-12v Relays

The two on the left are rated at 120vac multi contact,Ross Midland 28/12 volt dpdt & spdt relays, DEG SRE 402DP Multi contact and Potter Brumfield 120/277/250vac DPDT relay. I have a number of these relays on hand all are $5 plus shipping.

Tube Shields

I have numerous Tube shields on hand. These shields work with Collins, National, Drake, Swan, Heath, Hallicrafters, Hammerlund etc. Some twist & lock type and some slip-over type. Prices are very reasonable all plus shipping.

100uf Electrolytic Capacitor @ 200volts

I have a large number of 100uf caps @200volts. The price will be $1 each plus shipping

Joseph Dube KK4TR
2905 Okara Road
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United States